TIG200P MOS Digital
【TIG-200P MOS】

Performance characteristics

●Smart design with full digital control

●New 3D style plastic panel 

●PWM current control

●Multi-Process:TIG,Pulse TIG,MMA

●Welding parameters can be stored and invoked, use friendly

●Simple interface, easy to use, favorable man-machine 


●Wide voltage input:160V-270V 1PH

●Over-heating/over-current protection

●Adopt MOSFET invert technology,mature and stabilization

●Working frequency can reach 100KHZ, rapid dynamic response

●Isolation circuit for TIG troch switch ,reduce electromagnetic 


●Low power consumption for energy saving

●Small size, more portable

Application range

●Structural Fabrication


●Can be used for hardware, fence, windows, metal sheet welding

Product parameter

Optional accessories
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